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Lalan Fakir Says ...


Be a farmer

And cultivate “love”.

The weeds will go dry.

If the land is provided with a good irrigation,

It will produce ‘gold’ (crops).’

He visioned that billions would need to be fed. Vedic sloka said, “Agriculture is the first and business is second, service is third. Lalan gave importance to agriculture -doing cultivation with hard work and love.

* * *

Rabindranath Tagore Says ...

Amid happiness have I seen thee
In sorrow have I found thee with all my heart
O Lord I shall call thy name in diverse ways
Sitting alone call thy name under the shade of my heart
Shall call without language, shall call bereft of hope

Shall call with the laughter on the face
Shall call with tears
Shall call thy name without any desire
With call my desires would by itself be fulfilled
As a child calls on its mother in the craze of calling
As the child can speak, he calls Ma Ma.

* * *

O Lord let my head bow to the dust of thy feet
Let my pride be washed in the tears of thy love.

* * *

This is my prayer to the Lord,
Strike, strike, at the root of penury in my heart
Give me the strength lightly, to bear my joys and sorrows,
Give me strength to make thy love fruitful in service
Give me the strength never to disdown the poor or
Bend knees before insolent might.
Give me the strength to raise my mind high above daily trifles.
Give me strength to surrender my strength to thy will with love.

* * *

Swami Vivekananda Says ...

Mediate, O my mind, on the Lord Hari
The stainless One, pure spirit
Through and through,
How peerless is the Light that
Shines in him.

How soul- bewitching is His wondrous form!
How dear is He to all His devotees!
Ever more beauteous in fresh-blossoming love
That shames the splendour of a million moons.
Like lighting gleams the glory of His form
Raising erect the hair for very joy
Worship His feet in the lotus of your heart;
With mind serene and eyes made radiant with
Heavenly love, behold that math less sight
Caught in the spell of His Love’s ecstasy
Immerse yourself for evermore, O Mind
In Him who is Pure Knowledge and Pure Bliss
Immerse yourself for evermore, O Mind.
In Him who is pure knowledge and pure Bliss.


Sadhak Ramprasad Says ...

Will such a day ever dawn
When uttering the name of mother
Streams of tears will roll from my eyes
When lotus of my heart blossomed
Darkness of the mind will be dispelled
And I shall roll on the ground
Uttering the name of the Mother
Listen as the Vedas are true
My Mother is formless.