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Galaxy of Eminent Speakers

Sri H.P. Kanoria
Chairman, World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality
Om, Amen, Amin Ek Omkara. I welcome you all to the World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality. With firm resolution we can keep marching with the flag of spirituality to awaken the inner power and balance the outer power in us in order to make our life and nation a better place to live in. Humans are embodiments of God's love. The essence of our confluence bears the spirit of Hinduism which states, "Jeeva Seva is Shiva Seva" All prophets including Mahavira, Mohammad, Lord Buddha and others had spread the message of "Hate none, love all." We also follow the same principle. The super conscious mind exists everywhere and one must bear in mind that God does not differentiate. True efficiency comes from within. Men possess the power of divinity within. Hence, we are all equal in the eyes of the Almighty. Om Shanti, Om Shanti Om Shanti-
Dr. Smt Sarala Birla
Chief Guest for the Conference
Eminent Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an honour and privilege for my husband Sri B.K. Birla and me to be present in this august gathering and address you all. The objective of the confluence is to serve humanity, awaken inner power, listen to our conscience, and balance the power of money and authority with the power of spirituality. All religion serves the purpose of building the moral and social principle which has made men and women disciplined, virtuous and civilized. Spirituality is one stage higher than religion. A spiritual person sees God in all. He does not hate and is honest and hard working. He shares good thoughts for the welfare of all. He has divine virtues and is ready to serve humanity. He believes all to be the children of God and such people have a magnetic personality.
Sri Sudip Bandyopadhyay
Honourable Minister of State, Ministry of Health, Government of India
Normally we do not get an opportunity to speak on matters related to humanity and spirituality. I am here reminded of Swami Vivekananda's address to the brothers and sisters of America in his Chicago conference. His message was so magnanimous that it is still remembered by all. Sri Ramakrishna once said 'Chaitanya Hok' and "Joto maat tato Paath." They are phrases of great significance especially in today's world where there is uncertainty, disharmony and intolerance. It is a time that we need to focus on international solidarity. Terrorism has left us with a feeling of fear and insecurity. Hence what we demand is brotherhood. 2012 should extend the message of love and positive thinking. India has always promoted secularism, communal harmony and patriotism and should continue doing so.
Sri Sukhendu Sekhar Ray
Member of Parliament
I am hereby reminded of Swami Vivekananda's message at the World Parliament of Religion in Chicago where he said "I represent an ancient land where many caravans came from different parts of the globe. India is not only a nation but it is an assimilation of nations." This spirit of the assimilation of nation has also been included as the guiding factor of our constitution. The Constitution of India has declared the nation as a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic. While explaining the idea of secularism, the maker of the constitution, Dr. Ambedkar said "Indian constitution is neither religious nor anti religious nor irreligious. It is totally detached from religious dogmas. Therefore, we are practicing a principle of secularism which respects all religions with equal regard." Dr. Ambedkar's words explain the role India should play in maintaining world peace and tolerance.
Dr. R.K. Pachauri
Noble Laureate and Director General of TERI
I believe if a spiritual rejuvenation is to take place, the fountain and the source of it will be the city of Kolkata. It is not for nothing that Kolkata has been labeled as the City of Joy. What is unique about the city is that despite its problems and challenges, and the extensive poverty faced by the city, there still exist human values in the hearts and minds of the people who live here. It is critically important that as we pursue the path of development, we do not lose sight of humanity. While humanity is an essential part of development, we must also reconsider our concept of power. It does not flow out of the barrel of a gun. True power comes from knowledge and enlightenment. Learning is not complete if it is confined to the mind alone. The soul needs to be involved in the process of learning, otherwise we will lead ourselves to ruin Mother Earth and its atmosphere. We, therefore, need to move with a sense of urgency that will help us attain sustainable patterns of growth.