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    Welcome address by Shri. H.P Kanoria (Day 1)
    Chairman, World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality
    Om, Amine, A-men, Eke Omkara... Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you all at the Second World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality. Your presence has made our resolution firm for achieving goals set in our mission and vision. I hereby take the opportunity to wish you all a happy and glorious new year. In our first Confluence held in the previous year, many distinguished guests from different communities and religions shared their views. They regretted that most religions often fail to remember the real moral and social principals that guide them. But what was interesting to note was their conclusion which highlighted that all religions have various aspects that lead to a single cosmic reality. Spirituality ignites us to develop human power which is gigantic and oceanic. It helps us get rid of the power of authority, money, corruption and inhuman activities and achieve a balance in living. In this Confluence we aim to serve humanity. We try to do away with the diversities of various religions and promote the fact that all religions lead to a single path of enlightenment. Vedic scripture, the Sanatan Dharma asserts that "Jeeva sheva is Shiva sheva" (Service to Humanity is Service to God). Shri Ramakrishna had once told Narendra (Swami Vivekananda) to serve humanity with faith in Mother Kali and not to seek self gratification. Prophet Mohammad, Christ, Buddha, Mahavir and others circulated the message of love and service. They believed that Man can achieve enlightenment by trotting on the path of righteousness. Enlightened saints took the suffering of humanity on themselves showing their love for Man. In fact Swami Vivekananda had said that: "God is Man and Man is God. I have fallen in love with Man. Ye fools who neglect the living God and his infinite reflection with which the world is full... Him worship, only visible, knowable, real, omnipresent...". Tagore had once stated that when one is able to realize God within himself; he will see himself with his fellow beings. Shri Arobindo also agreed that human abilities could be realized only in a spiritualized human society. Let us therefore march alone or together with the flag of service, humanity, awakening of women and unity in diversity of religions. This universe will then conspire to achieve our goals. Om, Amine, A-men, Eke Omkara...
    Swami Agnivesh
    Founder & President World Council of Arya Samaj
    To begin with, I will refer to a particular mantra from the Rig Veda which was a little while ago mentioned by one of the distinguished guests and seeks to highlight the notion that there exists a supreme creator in the universe - an omniscient 'param- aatma' who pervades all creation. The prospeuniversect of possessing a universal creator asks individuals to understand that they are all created by that same Supreme Being and must dissolve their differences by discussion and freely universe relating to one another. The end of all associations is to experience that which is ever present in front of us but fails to capture the human spirit - the concept of the earth as heaven. Our goal in life is to interact amongst with another and work towards a common future - that of realising Mother Earth's potential, bringing out her everlasting beauty and experiencing her as Heaven, not just as lonely individuals like tiny islands swimming in the ocean of life but as an interconnected human race. Our object is to keep everyone happy.
    Swami Shree Shridharacharyaji Maharaj (Day 1)
    Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Parampujya, Asarafi Bhawan Ayodhya
    Jai Sreeman Narayana... In the world today, people are racing against time and science has taken an important platform in their lives. But on another hand they are pushing themselves further away from real knowledge. People fail to realize that gyan (knowledge) and vigyan (science) are diverse. The former is internal while the latter, external. Through science we acquire intelligence but knowledge enlightens our soul. Hence if we prioritize science alone, we will remain within the material existence of our lives. Though man cannot see God, he must know that the Lord God is omnipotent and omnipresent.
    Swami Yatishanandaji Maharaj
    Senior Swami RKM Saradapitha Belur Math
    Why should we do good to others? The answer is that though service we apparently help others but in reality we help ourselves. God himself lives as aatma in all things. In the scriptures and the Gita it has been stated that he or she will be considered as a thief who even cooks for himself or herself only. Swami Vivekananda likewise stated: "selfishness is the chief sin; unselfishness is the test of religion. He who has more of this unselfishness is more spiritual and nearer to God." I would therefore like to conclude with Swamiji's prayer : "Will such a day come when this life will go for the sake of other's good. Great men are those who build highways for others with their hearts blood. This have been taking place through eternity that one builds a bridge by laying down his own body and thousands of others cross the river through its help. Be it so. Be it so."
    Tsering Wangda
    Honourable Consul General, Royal Bhutan Consulate
    "I could summarize everything and out it simply as stating that the greatness of humanity, of science and inventions, of great philosophers and industries has undoubtedly brought the world miserable benefits. Today we live a life far removed from that of our forefathers. Yet we face new and greater global challenges because growth overlooks inequality, injustice, environmental degradation. It will continue to in humanity's way greater and greater problems until one day we will not be able to repair the damage."
    Dr.P.S. Pasricha
    Former Director General of Police, Govt. Of Maharashtra. Writer & Social Activist
    Our main problem is that we believe what we see but we never try to see things from another man's perspective. We must realize that we are a part of a whole and unless we connect with that larger canvas, our existence is meaningless. Hence I penned down my thoughts: "Jindagi ke do jahan Ek yea jahan, ek woh jahan Do jahan ke beej mein saas ka hain fasla Chalti rahi to yeh jahan , ruk gayi to woh jahan,"
    Shri R.P. Jain
    Vice President International Research & Resource Foundation for Indian Heritage
    "It is indeed sad that we have reached a stage where we have to remind ourselves of what it means to be humans. With the prevalent mindset of our present society we tend to think of life in terms of sensual gratification. When we fail to acquire lasting satisfaction, we feel that we did not get enough. That is what we call illusion. In reality we need to give, rather than take. To think about the wellbeing of others as much as ourselves, should be our motto. It does not mean that we deprive ourselves of our basic necessities. But for our mental and spiritual being, we need to move away from the tendency of getting more for ourselves and shift towards giving and sharing without expecting anything in return."
    Swami Mrigananda ji
    Maharaj & Sree Archana Ma Sree Satyananda Mahapeeth
    Yesterday was Kalpataru Utsav, a highly auspicious day. Shri Ramakrishna wanted all to be self conscious, self aware and enlightened. I agree with Sunil Kanoria who stated that managing the self is more important than managing others. Self is the consciousness in man and it needs to be awakened. But it is not enough to be self conscious. That consciousness should lead man towards love for humanity. Like Swami Vivekananda who could embrace the world and humanity all around him, we need to illuminate our minds and souls to accept, love and tolerate all. Spirituality is the guiding principle for life. Spirituality leads to humanity. It is essential for us to streamline our life, our work, desires etc. Spirituality assists us in achieving them. Perhaps the greatest way to serve God is to serve man and hence I feel humanity is the greatest religion of man.
    Swami Tattwajnanananda
    Principal Belur Shilpa Mandir
    "Today corruption, the evils of caste and creed etc is all around us. We need to enforce our human rights to fight the second battle of independence to get rid of the evils. We have laws but the power of enforcement is weak. Globalization moreover has turned things more complicated, leading to the struggle for human rights to become more complex as well. Today the government is dominated by the markets and power is vested in the hands of the global markets. We need to understand that duties and rights are the two sides of the same coin. Hence if we perform our duties well, the rights will automatically be achieved."
    Paul Palmorozza
    Head World Ethics Society
    "It is necessary to rise above materialistic desires and move towards something greater and more everlasting. That is spirituality. We should do unto others what we want to be done to ourselves. Serving brings contentment and everyone seems to benefit from it. This law of service is the guiding principle of every religion. The essence of teaching in all religions is the same. Humanity is the greatest service to God."
    Prof. Indranath Choudhuri
    Writer prof. & Secretary to Sahetiya Akademi
    Human dignity is the spine and principle concern of human rights and socio economic justice. We should not harness the misconception that spirituality is something deep and one needs all his life to realize it. It is simply to know oneself and it leads one to understand how to live life in a dignified manner. Hence we need to do something to intertwine human rights, freedom of speech and above all human values to create a more responsible and harmonious society. If we still believe that our youth should reach the peak of excellence by aiming at uniting science and humanism, material and spiritual welfare, if we still believe our democracy to survive, then we need to question, interrogate and resist. Human dignity can only be achieved through values.
    Ms. Jeetu Khanna
    Educationist, Council Member of Peace Education Commission
    We should make sure that the principles of non violence are followed. We fail to recognize each other's rights, duties, differences and similarities. Therefore we should respect the diversity and open ourselves towards various value systems and social structures. 'Sangam' means confluence, junction or togetherness. The Rig Veda also propagates this unity in order to create a healthy atmosphere and powerful organizations for prosperity and happiness. To promote the feeling of brotherhood let us destroy the illusion of diversity and bring peace to the world.
    Samani Charitra Prajna
    V.C Jain Studies
    "Everybody believes women to be the Mother of the Universe. Without women the world would not have existed at all. Hence I feel that society has a huge responsibility to take care of women, treat them the way they deserve, respect them so that they can, in turn, utilize their powers to sustain society and help in its progression. Only if women qualities are utilized in a positive way, the society will benefit and the world will be a much more beautiful place to live in."
    Nesreen Kenar
    President European peace Research Association
    " The question is what should be done to improve the status of women ? We need more women in work places and politics for a more peaceful world. As we have seen through history, the status of women improved through a long process of struggle. It means that women should continue to struggle to have and to use their rights. Though nations have women laws, in most nations, even today they are not properly practiced or implemented due to traditional reasons. Only an educated woman can be aware of their rights and can educate the next generation. Man must respect the rights of woman and should not forget that his mother is a woman. "
    Dr. Prof. Meher Master Moos
    President, Zoroastrian College
    " Friends, our mother country India is the home of cosmic wisdom. Late Dr. Shyamala Chandran was the pioneer of the ancient cosmic Tamil Siddha Six Tastes Nari Vaad system. She pioneered this wisdom in the English language for the benefit of modern day humanity. Natural life force energy in natural organically grown plants glows with the cosmic light energy. So if you want to be healthy and happy eat fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables with the life force energy bursting through the plants. "
    Meera Sanyal
    President Indian Liberal Group
    " Unfortunately as we sit here today and start off a new decade, many of us suffer from a sense of despair. A change in our society can be made possible only if we change our values. What India needs is a unifying set of values. What India needs is a unifying set of values. The second thing is our self image and I feel that it's a very powerful torch to bring about a change. The third important thing is the standard that we set for ourselves. India expects her leaders to be in the mould of Swami Vivekananda and Gandhiji. India has men of integrity, ideals and intellect. It's time that they lead the nation. "
    Juan Alfredo Pinto Saavedra
    Ambassador of Columbia
    " The contribution of the Muslims to humanity and civilization has been extraordinary. But common people seem to confuse the majority of the peaceful Muslims and a few Muslim fanatics, leading them to believe that the religion itself has got to do something with fanaticism. That is definitely not the case and it's unfair to come to a broad conclusion based on the behavior of a few individuals in the society. Fanatics are also there as far as Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism and other religions are concerned. But we need to realize that they are only a minority and their philosophies cannot be taken into considerations to come to conclusions. Hence we need to be unbiased and with an open mind help ourselves accept the positive aspects of other ideas, religions and value systems so that we respect others and in the process be respected. "
    Abha Awasthi
    Head of Dept. of Sociology
    " Feminism is a politics, directed at changing existing power relations between men and women in the society. Both as a way of thought as well as a movement, Feminism is an integral part of modernity. Modernity today is the greatest threat to man and we have been struggling against aspects of modernity such as destruction of environment, uncontrolled technology, industrialism etc. In such a society the hope of finding a solutions to problems is difficult and feminism is no exception. The possible resolution of feminism could be a utopia of coordination between different sectors of life and the primordial cosmic principles is the defining criterion. Only then can it lead to bexome an emancipated society. "
    Shahab E Khan
    Project Director bangladesh Enterprise institute
    " We are all directly and indirectly affected by our own freedom as well as the freedom of others to practice religion and exercise beliefs and the way in which these influence the freedom of others to enjoy their human rights. A better understanding of the issues will assist us to advance social and cultural prosperity of our nations. Such conferences like this are a platform through which we can transmit positive messages to our friends, neighbors and generations to come. I hope that this platform will provide further grounds for reference on the process of religious decision makings and the responses of the state to the questions posed by religions, spirituality and rights concerning women. "
    Nirmala Samant Prabhavalkar
    Former Mayor of Mumbai
    Women suffer but often they do not express their sufferings aloud. They have a resistance capability with gives them the power to tolerate silently. Sati (burning of the widow), which was prevalent in India, was mainly due to property disputes. Since society was not too willing to allow women become the legal owners of the deceased husband's property, she was burned in the name of religion. This is a typical example of gender bias which is not created by God but by the male dominated society. But it remains a fact that unless women are empowered, society can never move towards real progression. Hence women's awakening means the awakening of the society and awakening of the nation
    Swami Supranandaji
    Principal & Secretary - Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission
    The empowerment of women largely depends on the men folk is what men can claim but it is important for men to honour and respect women. In the Semitic religions the place of women has never been that honoured. In fact the Semitic religions subscribe to the view of the Bible which illustrates the story of Adam and Eve and how God condemned them of their sin. But he condemned Eve more and all women thereafter. From then onwards he pronounced that all women will remain under the rule of their husbands. Men often forget that their powers lie with their women. So it is important for them to respect them and realize their true worth. Women are powerful in form of a mother, wife and also a daughter. Hence they should be revered and held in high esteem.
    Sister Maureen
    Bhramakumari from Australia
    "Over the last fifty years women have started to be really empowered. I haven't had to struggle in my life much, thanks to the women before me (maybe ten years before me) who very boldly fought for women's rights. Hence it is commendable that the journey which had started just fifty years back, have reached a successful juncture from where women can raise their voice and stand at par with men. Today there are leaders of nations who are women and they have indeed travelled fast to the forefront. Hence we can all feel that more of women power is coming into the world today. The more we see this the more important it becomes to bring about a balance because we must never fail to remember that anything that is out of balance cannot survive for long. The world is standing at the crossroads of difficult times. There is violence, hatred, environmental degradation all around us. Therefore it's high time that we give the women her role to govern so that she can bring about some positive transformations."
    Sister B.K Jaya
    "There goes a saying that as you think so shall you become. Hence it is important for us to realize and remind ourselves that we are peaceful and pure souls. Our souls are endowed with power and positivity. Our physical system gives us the stamina to work throughout the day. But like a battery even our physical system needs to be recharged and that can be done through mediation. Meditation helps us provide power to ourselves and the 'us' within. The only barrier that souls face are the negative thoughts and it is meditation that helps us to keep those barriers and negative thoughts away."
    Sister B.K. Kanan
    "I personally feel that from an 'aatmic' point of view, there is no distinction between a man and woman. The soul after all, has no gender. The difference lie within the mind but as far as the qualities of the soul is concerned; they are equal in all sense and aspect. Hence it is important for us to get rid of our body consciousness and focus on the consciousness of the soul. It will help us cultivate the positive qualities and energies in our soul including love, compassion, kindness, respect etc."
    Prof. I.B. Singh
    Associate Prof. of Hospital Administration, AIIMS
    Spiritual awakening can be attained through self knowledge, self control and self reverence. Self knowledge is the inner conscience. Buddha on attaining enlightenment stated that he was the consciousness. We need to know our own purity in order to awaken our consciousness. The very basis of self knowledge and understanding is the pathway to know and understand God. It is essential for the human being to lead a balance life comprising of emotions, understanding, economic interests etc.
    Shri Utpal Chaterjee
    Sheriff of Kolkata
    India is a growing nation and its economic growth is massive. But does that really help India move towards progression? Unless the benefits of that growth is also shared by the poorest of the poor which Naipaul called the 'areas of darkness', we cannot celebrate our nations prosperity. Tagore in his Gitanjali dreamt of a nation where one's head is held high and the mind is devoid of fear. Our future generation should have good reasons to feel that they can indeed hold their heads high and possess a fearless mind. For that we need to merge the religions and make it the most potent tool for peace. May peace prevail on every soul.
    Anil Shastri
    Chairman, Lal bahadur Shastri Institute of Management
    Throughout history religions have played a significant role in the life of nations, communities, families and individuals. Religions have fought wars; crusades etc. but they have also brought peace. All religions have two things in common. The first is the idea of Godhead and the other is a set of traditions guiding human actions. We need to use well the guiding principles leading to our own betterment and also the betterment of others
    Swami Atmapriyanandaji
    V.C Vivekananda University
    Our interest to introduce peace and harmony often leads to intolerance and disharmony. God has blessed us with a beautiful earth and we see that nature celebrates variety. Then way can't we celebrate variety as well? Beauty is the essence of nature and beauty is truth. Satyam, Shivam Sundaram is an old saying that celebrates beauty and peace. We need to come out of our narrow wells in order to see the world progressing. We need to get rid of our vanities in order to face and accept the world. The greatest vanity is the vanity of intellectual arrogance, concepts, education and ideas and we need to release ourselves of them. Vanity blinds us from seeing the goodness in other ideas. Shri Ramakrishna had the remarkable possession of 'tyaga' or renunciation. He renounced his ideas at the altar of truth. So we need the inner boldness to break our pet ideas in order to empathize, understand and be tolerant towards others. It is difficult but not impossible. Our education should assist us to progress forward, not pull us back within ourselves. We need to get rid of all our pretentions and try and identify with humanity. That is true religion. Human beings have the capacity to realize one's own self. In the core of us dwells a supreme consciousness which is Sat Chit Ananda Swaroopa. We need to awaken that true self in order to emerge as true human beings.
    Shugan C Jain
    Chairman International Summer School of Jain Studies
    The ultimate end of all religions is self realization. It can be defined as peace, liberation etc. but the path towards the attainment of peace and liberation is diverse for diverse religions. This path can be called the external world. It is essential for us to rise above the external world and focus on the ultimate aim of all religions. Historic figures like Aurangzeb, Hitler tried to enforce their own views on religion negating the ideas and thoughts of others. They were hardly respected by people. But on the other hand we also have examples of figures like Chandragupta Maurya, Asoka, Akbar and others who tried to bring unity in religion through diversity. The Ellora caves are brilliant examples that depict unity through diversity.
    Prof. O.P. Mishra
    professor of International Relations , J.U. Member Secretary, Global India Foundation
    Technology plays a noteworthy role in our understanding of religion as a positive force. When we talk of globalization we think in terms of integration but that is at the macro level alone. At the micro level there are fragmentations and diversities. Today we are in a position to express our values, aspiration and all this has been made possible through technology. Similarly the ordering influence of religion can also be well served by using technology that can bring more people under the sway of the belief system which in an organized form can be referred to as religion. Today, states have become secular entities and they attempt to address the responsibilities in order to help evolve a set of new belief system. It undoubtedly leads to progress and development. The challenge is to provide each one of us a share of the development. Within the course of the last 50 years, India has faced tremendous progression and it cannot be denied. But we need to include all our countrymen in the partaking of the benefits of that progression. That is our test
    Smt. Reena Jabran
    Chief Resource Person, The Ultimate Destination for Neurolinguistic Programming
    When we are born, we are born pure. With age we tend to have our desires which are the non manifested form of wants inside ourselves. For me, spirituality is to direct the young souls towards being noble both in their thoughts and actions. Dreaming to be achievers is not enough. One needs to have the courage to act accordingly in order to make his or her dream come true. Action helps desirers to become a reality. Only a satisfied mind can help us move towards something that is beyond satisfaction, which we call spirituality
    Farook M Razack
    Additional General Solicitor of India
    Sufism recognizes humanity. If we don't love human beings, we are not human beings ourselves. Everyone's life is as precious as our life is to us. Equal compassion and feeling is what we must crave for. God says in the Holy Koran 'I have created man and woman, nation and tribe so that they may know each other, promote and foster fraternity, love, peace amity and brotherhood.' Today in this complex world we find that the words of God are sadly lacking. Programs like this tend to lift our spirits. The greatest religion of all is humanity.
    Prof. Shri Onkar Singh Dewal
    Professor and Educational Consultant
    If we look at the modern concept of dharma, what dominates is money, muscle and mind power. Well being and agency are the two important aspects of humanity. If we have good and powerful ideas, we must share it with others. Dharma holds a connectivity that is intra as well as inter. The former which is intra connectivity is mind, speech and action. The latter connectivity is with the self, humanity and nature. Hence inter is a three angled connectivity.
    Shri Shyamal Dutta
    Former Governor of Nagaland
    When I look at the world polity, I find that the unity and diversity is a plan of nature. What reinforces this plan particularly in India, is perhaps our binding faith in universal religion. Our universal religion does not teach that saying a prayer, visiting religious places or constructing places of worship is religion. It teaches us about universal brotherhood that does not make distinctions. It is this universal religion that does not believe in the relative superiority of any religion over another. It teaches us how to develop respect for all, especially the innate divinity and goodness in human beings. This teaches what spirituality is all about and this spirituality breeds in our thought and action imparting in us a kind of tolerance for different views, perceptions and thoughts. It teaches us how to practice what we profess. The worst manifestation of religion is fanaticism, fundamentalism and radicalism. These have been the cause for wars and intolerance. Universal religion, on the other hand, tries to promote the building of a society that is caring and comforting to all. it teaches us the idea of service above self for the good of mankind. We need religion and spirituality to sustain and promote a society which is just, equitable, cohesive, prosperous and happy
    Kishore Asthana
    Poet and Columnist
    "Power is essentially knowledge because with knowledge comes power. In the empowerment of the villagers, literacy makes them powerful. We need to learn from all and not underestimate anyone. Knowledge need not always be bookish. But we need to constantly learn and never feel that I know all. Knowledge by itself might make us successful in the world but it never makes one successful as a human being unless it is coupled with wisdom. When wisdom starts controlling our actions, we can start our journey towards spirituality. I do not believe that we come and go empty handed. We come with the actions in our past life and when we leave, we leave with the actions of this life. Hence it is wise not to make our burdens heavy. To try and lighten one's own burden as well as others is humanity."
    Shri Rishi Putra
    Bihar School of Yoga
    Swami Vivekananda said strength is life weakness is death. Worship strengthens. I would like to remind you of the battle of Kurukshetra when Arjuna was standing before the two armies and was unable to decide to fight the battle or not. It was then that Lord Krishna reminded Arjuna that the soul cannot be destroyed. Truth prevails. Karma is an essential part of human existence. Lord Krishna suggested Arjuna to perform yagya karma. What is yagya that lord Krishna talks about? It is nothing but service to mankind. Swami Vivekananda also preached that service to man is service to God. Whatever little we have be it wealth, knowledge, talent, we must invest them for the wellbeing of others. The head of the family needs to take the initial step. Only then the others follow his footsteps.
    Shri Anup Gupta
    Advisor, World Bank Project
    I express my gratitude to all of you for your gracious presence in the Second World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality. It's a pleasure to hear that the program has been called a confluence and not a conference. I thank Mr. Kanoria for organizing such a gesture of difference. The confluence has created visions for us. But a vision without action is like a dream. So actions need to be performed. We often complain that society is going down. But I still feel that the younger generation has potential. All they need is proper guidance. The journey needs to start from ME to WE.
    Pandit N.K. Sharma (Day 1)
    President, Universal Association for Spiritual Awareness
    "Om, Gajananam Bhutaganadi Sevitam Kapithya jambu phala chara Bhakshanam Uma Sutam, Shoka Binasha Kaaranam Namami Vigneshawar Paada Pankajam" "Mangalam Bhagavana Vishnu, Mangalam Garuda Dhwaja Mangalam Pundarikakshya Mangalaya Tanohari." It's our privilege to have the presence of Param pujya paad Jyotishpeethadhapati Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati Maharaj. According to our ancient Sanatani Dharma, Adi Shankaracharya is Lord Shiva incarnate. His Holiness came on this earth on September 1924 in Madhya Pradesh. He was given diksha of sanyas in 1950 by Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jootishpeeth. He established the well known Uthan Mandal in 1964, to spread and preach spiritual awareness based on Vedic traditions and built the huge Rajrajeshwari Temple. He went on to adorn the Saradapeeth Dwarka in 1982.
    H.H. Dwarka (Day 1)
    Jyotishpeethadhapati Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati Maharaj
    In today's world we need to spread the message of sharing. People are turning more and more materialistic and selfish, leading to intolerance, violence and hatred. There is also religious intolerance which is very dangerous. There is a need to realize that all religions are inspired from the same God. The Paramaatma had sent his messengers all over the world to spread his message of love. We mortals have differentiated his vaani, which is but one. Hence diversity in religion is not our challenge. Our main challenge is to fight materialism and selfishness that is slowly engulfing each one of us, especially the youth. Youth is growing impatient and is no longer willing to fall back on the messages of spiritualism. It's time for us to encourage them to travel on the paths of dharma. We need to join hands to spread the message of love and humanity". "Zindagi jab tak rehegi, phursat na hogi kaam se, Kuch samay aysa nikalo, prem karlo Ram se."
    Shri K.K. Mohanty (Day 1)
    Executive Director, SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd.
    "In the corporate world if we need to bring about self happiness and peace, we need to deal with it in four steps. The first is to gratify the four 'P's' including package, power, promotion and progress. The second is to gratify the mind through targets, numbers etc. You need to have unique ideas and an implementation of those give happiness. It can be termed as the happiness of the intellect. Finally when you reach a position of stability in your profession and position, you feel the happiness of the aatma. That provides you perfect peace in a corporate world."
    Shri. Hemant Kanoria (Day 1)
    Chairman and MD, SREI Infrastructure and Finance Ltd.
    "Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. We are really fortunate today to have among us the world renowned and enlightened spiritual leaders and various eminent speakers. I think that it is really fortunate for our family and I am sure that all of you would also thank them, for what we have learned today has ignited our minds and touched our souls. Through their lucid, simple and clear discourse, they have assisted us to open our minds. So once again I convey my gratitude to them. Before concluding I would like to share a quote by Kabir who stated : "My land is a sorrow less land. I cry aloud to all, to the king and the beggar, the emperor and the fakir. Whosoever seeks for shelter in the highest let all come and settle in my land. Let the weary come and lay their burdens here."
    Shri Sunil Kanoria (Day 1)
    Vice - Chairman & MD of Quippo Infrastructure Equipment Ltd.
    "I would like to share a few of my thoughts in regard to how spirituality can be effectively implemented in our lives. Right action, right direction, right objectivity, gratitude and sharing are some of the fundamentals of life. In a world which today is in a state of chaos, there is a lot of intelligence but no intellect. Right action will guide us to manage our own selves before we move on to manage others or anything else. God is within us and if we can serve that pure self truly, we will benefit."
    Madhulika Kanoria
    Director, Institute for Inspiration & Self Development
    Over the years in our country and the world women are equal to men in every discipline of life. India has always recognized the power of women and has termed it as 'Shakti', which is also the feminine form of God. India was among the first few nations to have a lady Prime Minister (Smt. Indira Gandhi). Many other super powers of the world like the United States of America, or Russia never had women as their first citizen. Our country has therefore been awakened to the power of women since centuries. It is only from time to time there have been some exceptions where women have been exploited. I am sure that in today's age and time, women are already awakened
    Dr. Nara Singh
    Former Minister of Manipur,V.P of IDDP
    " The world had experienced and is experiencing sea changes. Human life is millions of years old. Humans are not biological species alone. They are also social beings. Therefore the idea of humanity and spirituality needs to be expanded and carried forward. The physicians have come out to help, having felt the dangers of the nuclear war. If a nuclear war breaks out, it will not be the third world war but rather the final epidemic for the entire human race. Therefore we, the representatives of the IDDP, spread the message of peace. "
    Ms Naveena Reddy
    Director General, Bharat Soka Gakkai, Delivered by: Dr. Sudarshan
    " Human revolution is characterized by a life based on the principle of creating an infinite value through the practice of wisdom and compassion. This great challenge requires a definite value of orientation for the 21st century. This is awareness to commitment to life itself. Women in this context are going to play a vital force through their diverse activities relating to fostering children, participation in economic activities and spiritual development."
    Smt. Sangeeta Kanoria
    Owner, Aermid Health Care Ltd.
    " I would like to express my gratitude to all those present here today and have willingly volunteered to be part of this awakening of women. As Swami Vivekananda says, women are living embodiments of the divine mother. It has been evident from the speakers that women are indeed epitomes of selfless love as they undertake various roles of daughter, sister, wife and above all, mother. As homemakers and as women at work, we women have the power in our hands to bring a difference in our lives and those around us of creating an environment which is filled with happiness within and again around us. We need to awaken ourselves and explore our natural feminine qualities and nurture the positive ones. We have the power to empower ourselves. "
    Shri. Rahul Varma
    President - World Confluence of Humanity, Power & Spirituality
    Women awakening is now universally recognized as a core issue for social and economic development of the country; they account for half of humanity, usually referred to as the better half. Women empowerment, on the other hand, remains a controversial issue for a variety of reasons. First, it is not clear what precisely is meant by the term empowerment and what is the scope; whether all strata of society view the matter in the same light. Secondly, it is doubtful what women really want. Various surveys that appear from time to time in national weeklies reflect divergent preferences. Some want domination and power, others riches and comfort. The question is debatable whether women really claim equality or understand what equality really means. In our society the position of women is recognized not exactly equal but irreplaceable and extremely important; in many respects it is considered superior. Thus, our gods are considered powerless without their female counterparts regarded as their Shakti. The witticism goes: Behind every successful man, there is a woman. The society is like a wheel in motion with every element changing position. A time might come when women occupy a leading position in society and, if I may add in a lighter vein, men might start seeking freedom and empowerment. Women need to assert themselves and not yield to wrongful domination. It is time that they refrain from being awed by unjust customs, oppressive ideologies and coercive practices. I convey my gratitude to all the speakers for this session and for their valuable ideas and insights that they have shared with us.
    Shri Sanjeev Kanoria
    MBBS, MBA (London), FRCS (England & Glasgow), PHD (University, College of London)
    Swami Vivekananda described God as loving, intelligent, cosmic consciousness or energy. It's an energy that can neither be created nor destroyed. We, both man and woman, are sparks of this cosmic energy which has been precisely described in our scriptures to be two and a half coils of energy lying dormant at the base of our spine in the 'mooladhara chakra' as 'kundalini shakti'(feminine energy). It carries our karmic patterns from lifetime to lifetime. The real purpose of life is to awaken this female energy within each of us. When this awakening takes place, the inner journey begins. It's a journey home towards love, peace and bliss as this feminine energy inspires us to merge with the cosmic consciousness of God. The energy rises through certain chakras which correspond to the various nerve networks of the human body. At each level this energy expresses itself in various positive attributes such as creativity, love and selflessness.
    Swami Sarvapriyananda Ji
    Acharya, Brahmachari Training Centre
    A few days back a Brahmachari asked me "What is maturity?" If we think about it conceptually we will realize that it means : 1. Self awareness which includes self efficacy (the feeling that I can handle most situation) 2. Self regulation (it is the ability to delay self gratification to achieve results). 3. Motivation 4. Empathy 5. Social Skills (knowing the social network around you) Women have strength in these five areas and they should capitalize them. That will be beneficial for their awakening and spiritual growth.
    Shri H.P.Kanoria
    Chairman, World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality
    "Holy guests on the dais, and friends this confluence has been driven by the teachings and inspiration of Swami Vivekananda. In view of Swami Vivekananda's 150 birth anniversary, along with the Ramakrishna Mission, we have planned a project to visit different schools in order to motivate the youth, reminding ourselves of Swamiji's words "If I have a handful of youth then I can change the entire world."
    Smt Divita Kanoria
    Chief Wellness Officer, Vedic Collection
    It has been a pleasure to experience this life energizing process for myself and internalize it. The word awakening makes us think of the stages that women have gone through from a state of existence which T.S.Eliot had aptly described as 'living and partly living'. The consensus throughout the session is "Which state is she in now?" We might get some insights from the following thoughts. A bird stands on an exposed slippery rock on one foot, completely balanced as the river swirls around the rock. As my life flows by rapidly, and is often slippery but am I balanced and confident? I think not. I am being called to stretch
    Hemant Kanoria (Day 3)
    Chairman and MD OF SREI Infrastructure and Finance Limited
    I feel that in the last two days I have learnt self analysis. There is a power within us and it has got ignited through this sharing of thoughts in the Confluence. The fire has been lamped. Ralph Emerson once said "Every man is divinity in disguise, a God playing the fool." So let's look within, let's go deeper into the layers of our personality, let's do introspection, let's reflect and do contemplation. It's time to discover ourselves. God lies within us. We need to remove the veil of ignorance and reveal the supreme bliss in us. It's the self that we need to discover, it is in that nucleus where the true happiness lies.
    Swami Sivamayanandaji
    Secretary Ramkrishana Mission, Swamiji's Ancestral house & Cultural Centre
    The essence of spirituality is the spirit. Spirit is the self that is beyond all barriers and attribute less. If we can come close to our spirits, all our differences and discriminations will get removed. Spirituality provides us the strength to move close to our spirit. If you think you are the self or the aatma, then you can get rid of you fears for you realize that nothing can destruct or destroy the aatma. When you realize your eternal state, you become calm and are at peace. You are in the self of all and you see all in your own self. We feel happy by helping others proving that our basic nature is in harmony with all mankind. The feeling of aatman gives us the strength to unite
    Dr. Ravindra Kumar
    Former Vice Chancellor, Meerut University
    Diversity is a typical characteristic of humanity. The development of several different traditions, practices and beliefs originated within the various cultures in different parts of the globe from time to time. Therefore it is impossible to discard the reality of diversity. However despite diversities the main purpose of all religions is to impart knowledge of human unity among their followers. The essence of all religions is to lead its followers towards truth and lead a meaningful life. The fundamentals of all religion are within the domain of the reality of Mukti, Moksha and Nirvana. The concept of human unity in all religions is eventually dedicated to universality
    Ven. Lama Lobzang
    President, Ashoka Mission
    The world today is suffering from a major crisis. Wars are being waged in many parts of the world and most of the time we find that religion plays a significant role in causing the wars. For men who really believe and respect religion as an institution, it's a sad story. It is depressing for men like us to witness how religion is misused and misinterpreted. Hence I feel that these kinds of world conferences should be arranged more often so that men of different religions can speak their minds, propagating the message for peace and tolerance. Religious leaders should be given an opportunity to inspire others to traverse the path of spirituality. With time, disharmony and intolerance is growing. So it's high time that we take significant steps to try and get rid of the hatred that has made man into prisoner
    Shrimati Mahisha Lohia
    Bureau Chief (South), Business Economics
    The traditional values which I have learned from all the different spiritual traditions during these two days have importantly guided my personal behavior towards effectiveness and love. Breathe on me breath of God, Fill me with life anew That I may love what thou dost love And do what thou wouldst do.
    Shri H.P.Kanoria (Day 3)
    Chairman, World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality
    At the outset I convey my heartiest thanks to all of you and the speakers for their gracious presence. Your presence has inspired and motivated us to serve humanity in our own small possible way. When we organized this confluence we deliberately chose the word power because we feel that spirituality ignites the power within us and helps us to balance the powers of money, muscle and authority. In our shastra dharma, artha, kaama and moksha are emphasized. Swami Vivekananda is the embodiment of dharma. All have bowed before him. In fact his speech in Chicago opened new pathways to think on humanity and spirituality. He said human beings are infinite reflections of God. His motto was to serve and love. Saint Francis, Buddha, Prophet Mohammad and all other saints and enlightened souls, also give us similar messages of service to mankind. Saint Tulsidas sang the praise of Shri Ramchandra and Sita appealing all to think of the universe in terms of them. Tagore had once said that in love a child commands the mother 'I will not let you go.' Hence he shows that love gives us the power to command. Therefore I would say love all, hate none, and serve mankind. Confucianism is no religion but it propagates that the best way for human beings is to follow nature to be harmonized with it. Lalan Fakir had once said that if I know I, I know Him. So let us try to know ourselves in order to realize God.